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Refreshing Fruit Mask

Expiry Date: April, 2020

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Refreshing Fruit Mask

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A cooling mask that clears clogged pores, removes deeply embeddedimpurities, firms skin and helps restore its natural elasticity. It helps controlblemishes and blackheads, improves skin texture and helps minimize wrinkles.Apple, a rich source of natural AHAs, nourishes and improves skin glow. Figand Cucumber provide a cooling effect to your skin. Papaya helps removefreckles and smoothens the skin. Mineral Clay soothes the skin and improvescirculation, leaving your skin rejuvenated and glowing.

Ingredients Include:

  • Apple
  • Cucumber
  • Fig
  • Mineral Clay
  • Papaya.

Use Directions:

Apply evenly over cleansed face and neck, avoiding the areaaround the eyes. Allow it to dry for 10-15 minutes. Remove with a wet spongeand wash the skin with cool water. Use once or twice a week. Do not apply onbroken or inflamed skin..